Tyranid book review

It’s been out a month now so I thought I would go and do review on the tyranids codex as there has been a lot of moaning about the new nids.
Big monsters
In this category the tyranids have really gained some great additions especially to thier shooty side with the Exocrine, that bad boy kicks out 6 shots at strength 7 ap 2 or a large blast with the same stats. It only has a 24″ range but being a monstrous creature getting up close and personal is not that bad for it.
The Haruspex I can see as being the lucky mans choice with the great feeding potential with any wounds caused creating an extra set of attacks but with only 3 attacks 4 on the charge is not going to destroy massive squads alone. Still it is a tough threatening monster that will be good against armour.
Hive crone this flying creature is probably my choice for Ariel superiority with strength 8 vector strikes other flyers and tanks beware she is going to hunt you down and punish you.
Little critters
My favourite from this section is the fact hormagaunts are now only 5 points a model with 2 attacks and fleet with +3 when running these are quick and scary for the points it allows the good old swarm to be made to good effect.
Genesteelers are still a versatile unit just point wise still a little pricey but otherwise great anti heavy infantry for combating those Pesky 2+ Saves.
Will update soon with more when I get time but thought I would share my insights so far.


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